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          ABOUT US
          Shenghe Mining CO.,LrD is mainly engaged in the development and useage of precious metals,Rare Earth Mine,Scattered Metal    Mining:Au,Ag,Li,Ta,Nb,La,Rb,Cs,Bo.Meanwhile,it also produces and sell more thas 80 special materials:special optical glass materials,laser fusion glass materials,laser fusion crystal materials,rare earth laser glass materials.magnetogyriC glas S materiral S,fluOride laser gla s smateriral s(mataphO SPhate,fluOride,fluOride cryStal,rare erath metaphosphate,rare earth fluoride),high pure gol……【MORE】
          Copyright ? SHENGHEMINING CO.,LTD
           TEL: +86-0398-6833258  Add:Guxian County Lingbao City
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